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Your Source for Discounts on your favorite stuff!

Your Source For Discounts and Deals!
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This user info will be snazzier than this, but for now, the basics.

This is the sister community to freestuff and freestufftalk. This is the place to come for discounts of any kind on your favorite stuff, both online and in the stores. Coupons, free shipping, percents off...this is where to post it and find it!

This is a moderated community, and you won't find anybody begging for you to sign up so that they can get an iPod, and referrals of any kind are not allowed.

Any posts that have anything in them besides discounts or discount codes, coupons, or the like will be rejected. Anything free without an upfront charge should be posted in freestuff. Any discussion of discounts or freebies should be posted in freestufftalk.